February 4, 2019


We’ve got another glorious wedding for you guys today! The lovable couple consists of Don and Charlene Britt, two people that anyone would love to know…and most people in Snellville do.

Their wedding day was truly breathtaking and unique.  Don and Charlene have worked with designer and friend, Lynn Barnett, on MANY weddings and projects at Summit Chase for over 15 years so this was the event of the millennium.  The details were spectacular!

The bride’s dress was seriously gorgeous, too. And I’m not just saying that!

We had a lot of fun taking wedding pictures, as well. They decided that they waited long enough so had to have a first look and the emotion was truly priceless!

The wedding and reception were at their home in Snellville and was catered by (insert caterer). They danced to their first song (insert first song) which was played by DJ (insert DJ’s Name).


[[Insert Picture Here]]


“(Insert quote about taking photographs, Question 9: Photo experience),” says (name).


Okay, let’s get to the pictures! (insert couple’s name) were such a delight to work with and I wish them many wonderful years to come. [[Insert Picture(s) Here]]

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