7 Tips to Prepare for Pictures with Santa

November 21, 2019

How can you ensure your child’s moment with Mr. Claus is frame-worthy? Follow these tips to get ready for pictures with Santa.

Tip #1: Prepare.

Talk to your kids at least a day before the visit. Show them photos of their friends or relatives with Santa, and talk about how much fun it will be to share their Christmas wishes in person. Choose your words carefully: Making comments such as “don’t be scared” may have the opposite effect!

Tip #2: Dress for the occasion.

When you think about using the photo for your Christmas cards, or even just having it around as a memory for years to come, it makes sense to be selective about clothing (for example, avoid T-shirts with logos).

Tip #3: Be flexible.

Try not to show up with great expectations of how perfect your photo will be. Candid moments sometimes make the best pictures.

Tip #4: Bring supplies.

Have snacks, toys or even a favorite teddy bear handy to help ease fears and make a timid child more comfortable.

Tip #5: Be ready to distract.

If there were ever a time to act silly behind the camera, it’s now. Once you drop your child off on Santa’s lap, do what you can to ensure you’re still visible so your child feels secure.

Tip #6: Don’t forget your wish list.

When your kids bring in their written letter or wish list to hand to Santa, it’s a moment that helps break the ice and allows for a natural interaction between the two.

Tip #7: Have fun…it’s pictures with SANTA!

Remember – they are kids, after all, and pictures with Santa shouldn’t be stressful. Keep a positive and upbeat attitude, and you’re even more likely to have great results.

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