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What to Wear Guide

April 27, 2019

When you consider what to wear for your session, think about what kind of feeling you want for the overall scene. Let’s say your photos are being taken outside, in the fall, against a gorgeous backdrop of autumn leaves and some hay at sunset. If you want to blend in, pick warm colors (like pink, red, coral, orange, yellow). If you want to pop – go in the opposite direction (green, violet, blue, etc).

Once you’ve chosen your two main colors, you can also pick an accent color. This can be jewelry, belts, stripes in a tie, hair bows, and so on. Just remember not to go too crazy {mind your color families; their relationship; and harmonies} and NOT have everyone wear solid black or white – such a bummer when that slips in. Think texture, depth, color and coordinating!

Happy picking!  And as always let me know if you would like my help or direction… I am always here.

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