a fun-loving, goofy pair of photogs who just so happen to be in love

We are Chris & Christina Barnett

Hey, friend!

Before I ever picked up a camera, God had a plan for my life. It involved a stick figure of a guy, a beautiful girl, and a couple of cameras. I remember using my mom’s point and shoot camera and waiting for the film to develop to see what I got. Talk about patience! When I got to high school, my dad mentioned a photography class that mixed my love of art and technology perfectly. My parents bought me my first SLR camera, a Canon Rebel 2000! 

A few years later, I attended photography school. Imagine a magical land where you get to develop your talents with access to the tools and the space you need to do so. This was the perfect place for me. Our class was at the forefront of digital photography making it one of the last graduating classes to use the film darkroom as well as computers to develop our images. While I was there, I met the most beautiful funny, and kind girl who fell for the scrawny me of yesteryear (not the rugged manly me I am, today)! Of the thirty-two people who entered the program, only sixteen graduated, and only two married each other. 

a punny introvert


My love for photography began in middle school when I used my mom’s camera and posed my cousins in front of the shower curtain. 

From there, I took a class in high school and one after graduation where I learned photography basics. I got a job at a retail photography studio and met an amazing friend. She and I decided to start our own business named K&C Photography. We were in business for a little over a year before I decided to pursue my degree in Commercial Photography. During school, I interned with a concert and event photographer while still shooting wedding and portraits with K&C. 

After graduation, I studied abroad with a baby-faced hottie and 14 close friends. Coming home, I still had a love for photography but had found a new love…

an awkward extrovert


Not only are we partners in photography, we are also blessed to be partners in life. In a way, our journey mirrors that of a bride and groom on their wedding day. We met in photography school when we were in our early twenties and developed an eye for photography—and each other. 

We remained friends for two years before falling in love on a study abroad trip to Germany. We got married on
7-7-07 and have been living life to the fullest ever since. You could say that we owe our life, and our love, to photography.

OUR Love story

in picture form, of course!

...to be continued!