3 TV Wedding Ceremonies That I Wish Someone Would Recreate

June 5, 2019

Chris and I have been shooting weddings together since 2005.  Before we met, I co-owned a photography company with my bestie and shot well over 100 weddings.  Needless to say that we have seen a lot.  But here are 3 of my favorite TV wedding ceremonies that we haven’t seen and I wish someone would recreate!

1 – I know that “The Office” got the idea from an actual wedding on YouTube but I would love it if someone would do this during their wedding ceremony!

#2 – I am a HUGE fan of FRIENDS  I love this ceremony so much because everything that could go would went wrong and they made the most of it.  And when Phoebe said “I’ll be my something blue”…I mean C’mon!!!  So if you want to get married in a blizzard, I’ll be there for you.

#3 – This is my all time favorite.  I just recently rewatched “Reba” on Netflix (I work better when I have background noise) and this show is so hilarious!  Even though Van and Cheyenne didn’t walk down the aisle to renew their vows, you can’t beat this ceremony!  It would take a Barbara Jean type wedding planner to pull it off though.  If you hire someone up for the task…please hire me (or just invite me!)

So there are my 3 TV Wedding Ceremonies that I wish someone would recreate.  If you are getting married and want to make my dreams come true by photographing a ceremony of this magnitude or think I am missing an epic TV ceremony, reach out and let me know!

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