Consider These 6 Beautiful Outdoor Settings for a Family Photo Shoot

October 5, 2020

Everyday life with a family can be messy and chaotic, but it’s the love that brings families right back together. But how can you showcase that love in a visual way?

With a family photo shoot, of course! When you’re working with a professional who knows how to bring out the smiles and the unique energy your family has, you’ll create something beautiful together.

This can be a fun adventure or a calm and serene day, but either way, it’ll leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Here are some of our favorite ideas for outdoor settings:

1. Fall Foliage

This is a classic photo shoot scene that’s perfect for the autumn months. Find some trees that are changing color, and you’ve got an excellent backdrop that will add depth and warmth to your photos. You might even want to coordinate the colors of your outfits to go with the fall color scheme.

The leaves can come to the forefront as well, in the form of a prop. You can try playing with the leaves or bringing a blanket so you can lie down among them. Being playful and whimsical looks great on camera, so don’t be shy.

If you’re going for the ‘fall leaves’ look, try scheduling the photo shoot for sunrise or sunset. Midday is lovely as well and might give you more time to try out different poses, but the gorgeous look of the golden hour sun peeking through the foliage is something special.

2. A Scene By the Water

Another piece of nature that can work as a stunning backdrop is a body of water. Even if you don’t have access to the ocean nearby, you can recreate ‘beach photo shoots’ with a lake or creek. All you need is a source of water and a creative eye.

For these photo shoots, you might want to opt for some flowy outfits to mirror the flow of the water. This backdrop, especially when paired with some shady vegetation, can make for a calm, elegant family photo.

3. A Walk in the Park

Here’s one that might help kids get more relaxed for the photo shoot. Familiar, public outdoor spaces like parks are wonderful settings for a photo shoot to remember.

If your park has a few hiking trails, this could be a perfect way to get some of that nice foliage in the frame. And some of the more open areas can be wonderful as well. A nice park bench can be a great way to incorporate levels into your photo shoot.

4. Stepping Up

Wondering what ‘levels’ are? Well, this next outdoor photo shoot scene can be an excellent introduction.

When you’re going for a photo shoot with lots of people (even 4 or 5 can be a lot, in this case), you’ll want to create some movement to the scene. Your photographer will help, and will often direct you to sit or stand at varying heights. But a backdrop that lends itself to levels, like an outdoor set of steps, doesn’t hurt either.

One of the reasons you might want to create levels in the picture is that you want to break up any flat lines in the image.

When everyone’s standing at the same level, your heads or feet can make a straight line, allowing the viewer to cut the picture into sections in their mind. We want the photos to look like a cohesive whole, so preventing these sections can be a great thing.

And another reason is just that levels look cool. Try sitting on some steps with a group of people, and your friends are likely to say, “Wow, that looks like an album cover!” We’re here to make you look good, and a setting with built-in levels is a great way to accomplish this.

5. A Sprawling Field

A wild, grassy field can bring the right amount of softness and freedom to a beautiful family photo shoot. Long grasses can pull everyone together, making you seem like part of nature. And short, flat meadows provide a feeling of openness and expanse.

If you want to show off playful interactions within your family, you might enjoy the wide-open spaces of a field. You can try running, jumping, or holding each other up—have fun with it!

Like the foliage idea, this background takes on a magical glow around sunrise and sunset. Especially if you’re working with long grasses, the first or last few rays of the sun will catch the tops of these fields in the most ethereal way.

6. Getting Architectural

Embracing the natural light and fresh air of outdoor family photography doesn’t mean you have to have a completely nature-themed photo shoot. There are plenty of outdoor spaces that can showcase a piece of civilization.

One of the best architectural backgrounds is a rustic-looking building. This provides the perfect mix of neutrality and a bit of an edge. Plus, doing a photo shoot here will likely mean you’ll have lots of time to pose without getting interrupted.

Another great option is a building that’s meaningful to you and your family. Is there a particular space that you’d like to include in your memories?

The backdrop to your photo shoot doesn’t have to encompass the whole building. In most cases, the best choice will be to just use a wall or corner. After all, you’re not trying to get portraits of the building—you’re getting portraits of your lovely family.

Try it for Yourself!

Whether you’re looking for a snapshot of this moment in your life or you just need an excuse to romp around with the people you love, a family photo shoot can be a memorable and fun experience.

And if you’d like to book a session with us, you can fill out this form today! We’ll be happy to work with you for a photo shoot that captures the best of your family.

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