Portraits of Granny | Alzheimer’s Awareness

April 11, 2018

It was this time last year. We had just invested in our business and bought a Canon 5D Mark IV…aka a fancy new camera! I knew who I wanted my first subject to be, my precious Granny with Alzheimer’s Disease.. I packed up the camera and went to the nursing home where she lived. We talked as I snapped pictures of her beautiful hazel eyes and took videos of her laughing. My granny passed away on March 25, 2019. These photos were taken almost a year prior on April 2, 2018.  I knew that day I took them that I would forever cherish these photos.

Her biggest fear was getting Alzheimer’s Disease after watching firsthand what it did to her mother. She cared for her and made sure that she never felt alone or scared.

I know life is busy. I had a million reasons not to go to the nursing home that day but I knew that she wouldn’t be here forever. This life is just a vapor so we need to capture special moments of our loved ones while we can. Those sessions that you are putting off until you lose weight, the kids get out of that awkward stage, you hit the lottery, or for whatever reason…please don’t wait. No one is promised tomorrow so we should create and capture memories today!

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